During our last month at HF0 in San Francisco, Fileread had an urgent need for cloud infrastructure and dev ops support. Brian and several developers from his network joined our team and started building immediately

We kicked off a complete infra migration from AWS to Azure, prototyped a self hosted Milvus/Kubernetes deployment, and sprinted through the SOC2 certification process which enabled our company to pass an audit after only one month

Brian also helped us evaluate several candidates for our Lead Infra developer position

Brian Fogg and his team are a joy to work with, consummate professionals, and we recommend their services to any company in need of quality infrastructure work

-Daniel Hu, Co-founder

Candid Health engaged with Brian to consult on a complete rebuild of our entire cloud infrastructure stack. We were running up against the limits of our legacy setup, and needed to architect something that would accommodate rapid growth without derailing the velocity of our existing product development teams.

Brian audited our existing setup, provided us with a comprehensive roadmap, built and tested the entire system and led a complete migration of all user data and traffic to our new platform. Brian pulled this off with professionalism and foresight, leaving us with a robust, extensible and secure platform which has enabled our company to focus on growth.

Brian continues to provide us with expert consultation on tricky platform problems and we love having him around!

-Steve Yazicioglu, Head of Engineering

Photo by neida zarate on Unsplash
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